Sunday, October 27

The Hardest Goodbye

Three weeks ago we had to make the hardest decision of our lives and say goodbye to our love, our life our perfect dog. Regis developed lung cancer and within three weeks he was having a very difficult time breathing and his quality of life was diminishing at a rapid pace. His cancer consumed his body so fast that we didn't have time to comprehend that we would never run on the beach, hike a mountain or spend a lazy summer in the sun with our Regis James. 

When we got Regis he choose us. We were looking at a different dog with a rescue group but he came up to us and demanded our attention, he was for us and he knew it. Regis came home with some anxiety about- well too many things to name. Together we braved the world and his fears began to fade. Recently he would approach other dogs, a huge fear in the beginning, and was learning to love children. 

He was the perfect pup for our family- very laid back yet full of energy in all the right moments. He knew when it was tv and popcorn time, curling up in the crock of your legs. But he was always up for an adventure in the mountains or a car ride to anywhere. On our move from Nebraska to DC he sat in my lap the whole ride- sharing the same hopes and fears of Scott and I. 

His unmeasured affection, countless kisses and compassionate heart will never be forgotten. He taught us that love is something that everyone deserves. That kisses can solve problems. And that sometimes you just need to go for a walk. 

Regis our sweet sweet boy- know that we will always remember your love and hold it dear to our hearts.

Regis James O'Banion
September 26, 2006 - October 9, 2013

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