Sunday, August 11

And The Summer Is Almost Over

It's amazing how time ticks by at a faster rate the older you get. Remember when the days between Labor Day and Memorial Day never went fast enough, how were you ever going to get to third grade! Now it's August and I have no idea what happened to May, June or July! 

Our summer has been full of trips for work, classes and camping. Scott took two classes this summer which will put him at a May 2014 graduation. (270 days to be exact, but whose counting!) I have been traveling quite a bit for work; two projects in June and one in July followed by a site visit to Nashville last week. I am drained from so much travel and am looking forward to staying home for a while. 

This month marks a full three years of living in DC. I can't say it's always been peaches but we do feel like we have had some really fun experiences and are on an adventure that we will never forget. Mostly we have loved camping in this area and have discovered that we are mountain people. 

I made a killer mistake last time we went camping. We went to the Blue Ridge Mountains in southern Virginia and I booked us at a camp site near a river in the foothills of the mountains. Mosquito city!!!! And then it started raining. I woke up in the middle of the night, shoved Scott and we unzipped the tent to the neighbors cooler floating by. After bailing out the while camp site, we re-pitched the tent on higher ground. The next day we ventured up the mountain and found a great campsite next to a beautiful lake ON TOP of the mountain. 

Since I have been home I have been making a lot! 

Parmesan risotto with vegetable ragu

Almond-Ricotta-Lemon muffins

Paul and Christine are coming this weekend, stay turned for some fun pictures of that baby bump!

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