Thursday, June 7

Victoria and Scott Summer Update

Exciting Victoria Update:

I will start as the special events manager at Rebuilding Together on June 20, my last day with the D.C. Bar is June 14. I am really excited about this opportunity as I will be doing things that I LOVE. I will be coordinating the annual conference (this year it is in Florida in November!) and all of their 'major events'. The major events include things like this and this. I actually will be 'observing' the event in Philly on June 15 and 16 as an outsider to see how the whole process goes down.

What makes this opportunity doubly exciting is that it is for an organization that I believe in. Rebuilding Together Affliciate groups work to improve the lives of low income and elderly families by doing critical repairs and restoration to their homes. This enables the families to remain in the homes, one step towards preventing homelessness!

What Is Scott Doing Update:

Scott is doing well; taking the summer off from school but still working for the college full time. He is really working hard on creating a few online comics (it's this new thing rather then print) and will hopefully release them in the fall.

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Stephanie Ahlschwede said...

Great update! Glad I checked in...