Wednesday, June 27


Well I guess I can longer call this period of time a 'transition' as I have been with Rebuilding Together for over a week now. Please do not under-estimate the joy in my voice when I say that I LOVE my job. I get to create fun spread sheets, plan, coordinate, basically I am doing my favorite things! I told my boss yesterday that this position does not feel like a job.

Scott and I did celebrate our anniversary last week. Since strawberries where a big theme of our wedding we make/have a strawberry inspired dessert each year. Last year Christine made us strawberry cheesecake using strawberries frozen from the wedding. This year Scott and I made strawberry crisp with fresh whipped cream. We spent the rest of the day just hanging out on the couch with the dog. It was so nice to just relax.

Scott is getting closer to releasing his web comic; I know I am bias but it really is very good. Stay tuned for more information.

In Post Transition Bliss

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