Tuesday, March 20

Treasure Hunt

On Saturday we went on a treasure hunt, partly because it was Saint Patricks day but mostly because I had just ordered seeds and I was anxious to get my patio garden growing. I was on the hunt for anything that would raise the pots off the hot cement. Scott apparently wasn't fully aware of this quest. After a few hours he said, well I could build something like that at work and bring it home. Problem solved! As we were walking into the building, I looked into the recycling bin. (Trust me people throw out all sorts of stuff, good stuff, new stuff!) Volia! An ironing board that only needed a zip tie to be fixed. I had my raised platform for FREE with no hammer nor nail. I must admit that it was actually Scott who saw it working. What would I have done without him.

Here are some photos from our treasure hunt and the start of my patio garden.

In Finding the Pot of Gold

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