Thursday, December 8

The Hatterman Side

Being in Nebraska was the perfect opportunity to have a farewell party of sorts for my cousin and his family. They are moving to Australia later this month; she signed a contract for four years so we wont be all together again for a while.

Hatterman Thanksgiving at Grandmothers
This is what 20 people look like at a long table in a sit-down restaurant.

Hatterman Thanksgiving at Grandmothers
These are my cousin's children. Charley, the one of the left, and I have a special relationship. I was her first baby-sitter and we bonded, mostly because she was a cuddle-er so I just held her until her parents returned. I will miss her, maybe we should become pen pals! Is that dorky to have a eight-year old pen pal who is your cousin?!

Hatterman Thanksgiving at Grandmothers
My Grandpa passed away 12 years ago; Grandma is 94. They had four children: Gary, Bill, Marilyn and Dick (my dad). This photo are the families of two children, Bill and my dad's.

Good bye Matt, Bonnie, Charley, Quinn and Grey! We will miss you, but make room for us when we visit.

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