Saturday, November 26

Something Scott Was Working On

The other day I realized that I show you all the projects I am working on but never really highlight what Scott is doing. 

Currently he is a Digital Media Design major at The Corcoran College of Art and Design. This is a change from last year when he was a Writing in the Arts major. The new major allows him to create and draw more, while learning valuable computer software skills. Scott spends most of his time at home working with design software creating great pieces of art. His process is different for every assignment or project but usually it goes like this: 
  1. he free hand draws an image
  2. scans it into the computer
  3. uses his Wacom tablet to clean up the image
  4. begins adding colors and affects
  5. adds more colors and affects (the is the part that can keep him up all night)
  6. for now, assignments are done when the professor gives the nod of approval 
This is a poster series he did for an Public Awareness Campaign assignment. This has been a major part of a class he has this semester. From the conception to product the project took several months and many revisions. He wanted something that was Nebraska in nature yet bold (notice the pun) enough to make people stop to think.

I am very proud of his work, and think he is too.

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