Tuesday, October 25

Needy Dog and Other Things

Free needy dog to the next person who knocks on my door! Regis has been crazy needy the past couple nights; all over me, pushing me for attention, never leaving my side, etc. It's very annoying especially when you don't feel well. Scott has been working nights this week so maybe that has something to do with it.


Agh...I just tossed him off the bed because he felt it necessary to sit his bum on my chest and not budge.

I am still alive, we have just had a pretty busy (busy, such a relevant term) the past few weeks.

We spent the weekend with Brother-In-Law Paul a few weeks ago. He was out our way for a business trip. I will post pictures of the weekend soon. I have been baking and sewing a lot. Again, I will post about that soon. Last weekend we carved pumpkins (post coming), watched movies and caught up with each other.  In a few weeks we are off to Kansas City for a mini family holiday of sorts.

So to re-cap my posting to-do list is as follows:

  1. Pictures of the weekend with Paul
  2. Baking/Sewing projects
  3. Pictures of pumpkins
Did I miss anything?

Random side note, I went to the optometrist today and my vision has actually improved?! I thought my headaches were because I hadn't had my vision checked for a couple of years and needed new glasses; no, my glasses were too strong resulting in the discomfort. Who would have thought? 

In Hopes of Finding My To-Do List

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