Wednesday, September 21

The Start of Something New

Well I am two days into my new job and so excited about the possibilities. I really enjoy the people I working with and the work seems to be what I really do want to be doing. I will be helping different sections of the bar members plan educational and social events. This week we had/have two events per day, next week there is only two for the whole week. So the work load varies, but with that leaves time for preparation and other planning.

What I love most about this job is the ability to get home at a decent hour. For example, tonight I have had diner with Scott, taken Regis for a walk and enjoyed unrushed conversation; last week I was just getting home at this time. It is so nice to able to have an evening!

Scott is busy drawing/writing away. He has done one comic that I think is great, maybe I can convince him to let me post a picture. He is always working on something may it be a new character, story line or his actual homework. He is taking a few graphic design classes this semester; at first he wasn't sure of them but now he sees their potential.

So that is us for now. Happy to have a closer to 'normal' schedule.

In Happy Balances

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Megan said...

Hi!Just wanted to drop a note... I came across your blog in my blogs search. So crazy. Hope you are doing well. Looked at your wedding the dress- beautiful!
Take Care,

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