Thursday, March 24

Crafting Dreams

It's been rainy warm ...We have had weird weather lately. This morning it was cold and rainy, now the sun is shining and I want to play outside. Too bad the little one is still asleep.

The family I work for moved last weekend, so we have enjoyed getting to know her new home. She loves to show you her bedroom. In fact the other day when I was cooking lunch I turned around and she had gone half way up the stair case giggling with glee. Needless to say, we often have conversations about stair safety.

I have been antsy lately. Have you ever just needed to craft for no reason? I just need to be rubbing glue between my fingers right now to be fully happy. The more and more I think about my future, the stronger I am drawn to a creative career. I would love it to pieces to be able to treasure hunt and restore for a living. I often think about starting my own business doing just this. However, I don't really have a lot of practice. We have really never had the space to restore anything, and when we had the space we didn't have the money. I am getting tired of not being able to make changes to the homes we have lived in (aka I am sick of renting) I have been wanting to nest and create a space that reflects us. I know how impractical it is in our lives now, but I want to own our own home! (In our favor, it is more expensive to rent in DC rather then buy.)

I think it time that this clan meet with a financial planner!

How about a picture of a really cute dog to round out this post. He's my hero!

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