Wednesday, October 13

Holy Moses...tons happens around here!!!

Well once again blogging got away from me....tons has happened since the last post. Well let's not say tons, nothing epic that is. My brother/father/uncle/etc didn't get rescued from a mine or anything. Can you imagine that, what an incredible feeling that would be?!?!?!

Any way, here is what we have accomplished in the past week or so:
Scott's bike was stolen. It was locked up in front of the building during day light, rush hour to be exact, and someone cut the cable and took off. We have filed a police report and insurance report. Renters insurance is a MUST!

We went for a drive on Sunday intending to pick apples at a fall festival. We got side tracked by all the cute towns in the Shenandoah Valley. We had good BBQ, great apple cake and even a beer on the river. We just spent the day driving around, stopping on the side of the road to pick up rocks and flowers. We did manage to pick up some apples from a road side stand, so it was very close to hand picked and cut out the middle man. It was great!!! Here is a great link with beautiful photos. My phone doesn't really do it justice.

I have also been busy in the kitchen. In the past week I have made meatloaf, yummy baked potatoes and now added is two apple pies. I froze the pies to eat when Christine and Paul come in a few weeks!!!! This is a lot of action for our tiny kitchen. Trust me, you have to get pretty creative with the space.

Well I am off to cook supper. I am thinking something cheesy and gooey like grandma's cheesy potatoes. By the way family in that neck of the woods A)If you see the Harlene please do share with her these posts. I try to call/write often but it get's hard. B)If she is making a batch of those potatoes can you grab me a few dozen spoonfuls, freeze it, put it on dry ice and ship it my way :) If not, I can pick it up in January too.

In Cheesy, Yummy, Family-Inspired Fall Food Fun

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Lea said...

I enjoy your blogs. that is all.
love you! and miss you!!