Thursday, April 1

To The Garden

I am pretty sure we will be singing that song all summer long!

Scott and I have been busy taking care of some babies the past few weeks. We started with peppers and now the tomatoes and broccoli are planted. We put them in little newspaper starter pots thanks to this fellow blogger's very cleaver idea. I am very inspired by this family, hopefully one day we will have a garden that large.

With the plants growing inside, we have some major work to do outside. The space where the previous tenant had a garden is over grown and frankly not a good place for a garden; thus we are changing a few things which means major yard-work. Last night I spent the last fleeting moments of sunshine bagging leaves; I did three then, Scott did three this afternoon and there is probably at least three more to go. And this is all before the tilling, fencing and tilling again. The good news is that Scott's rose bush from last year looks like it made the journey through winter and will bloom once again!

In Gardening Mojo.

PS I really don't want to be at work and would rather be in the backyard. Can you tell?

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