Tuesday, March 9

Cute Kids Clothes

Twice a year the church that I work for, Saint Paul UMC, hosts a Kids Closet Consignment sale. A few weeks ago, someone dropped off these clothes to be sold in the sale. The coordinator of the sale didn't think they would sell, so I snagged them. How cute! Vintage children=dream come true.

That coat is to die for...and those pants are too cute.

The one of the top right is velvet and the one below it is really cute, it reminds me of a Husker football game day outfit. It's like something Lil' Red would wear.

These are the funnest rompers. Christine and I tried to look up the brand, but they have changed their name and I think they are selling in department stores now.

The two outfits on the right are hand knitted and the one on the left is cashmere.

Well those are my finds that go in a box labeled "Will NOT need for many years!" The sale starts on Thursday so we are pretty busy at work. Hopefully I find more cute-can't live without-must have baby vintage clothes. Last year I snagged a hand-made wool cream coat for $2.

In Vintage Dreams.

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