Friday, February 5

Wedding and Etc. Update

I am so sorry it has taken me sooo long to get this information to you all. It's not hard to believe that a church is very busy between November and April, Advent and Lent take up pretty much all of my life.

Well we do have some very exciting news on the home front, I have been accepted to Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC. I will be perusing my Masters of Divinity and eventually work in an urban setting assisting persons who are homeless. Scott has applied to an art school in DC also and we are waiting to hear from them. So it looks like our August will be filled with a move to the East Coast.

In terms of wedding stuff, I have added a link on the right to the wedding map I created. It will point out where the ceremony, reception and everything else is located. They really aren't too hard to find. The plans are coming together rather smoothly; we just have a few (invites and reception music) things left on our plate. I am glad I am an uber planner otherwise I would be in trouble with the move and all.

I must admit that I have not been too committed to the "Homemade A Day" goal, unless you count putting in a few rows of some knitting. I do promise myself that I will cut away some personal time each day to do this, and then I usually fall asleep. Hopefully in the next few weeks, life lightens up and I have more time to craft!

I recently came into some adorable vintage baby clothes (NO we are not expecting, I just couldn't help myself). I will post the pictures of the clothes later.

For now, enjoy your slushy outside!

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